Dior Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Eyeshadow Palettes are must-haves for every makeup lover.

I started buying 5 colors palette since late 90s, Incognito, Beige Massai and so on… Do you remember these ones? They were so iconic! I was completely in love with Dior makeup campaigns on magazines, so glam and sofisticated.

Althought I was not a real collector, I bought many eyeshadow palettes but I threw away some very old pieces, unfortunately.

In this video I’m going to show you what I took and kept from recent collections. During last years Peter Philips introduced also new textures; I mean, for example, Moonlight palette released in 2018. It was very different from other creations since it was sparkling with a subtile metallic sheen. Easy to use, perfect blendable it allows you to create a new kind of smokey effect.

A special mention for “Happy 2020” palette, a true masterpiece of colors with holographic effects, inspired to fireworks. Even if 2020 was not so kind as it was supposed to me, these eyeshadows are so fun and pretty. You can really mix together and obtain new suggestive look.

Dior Eyeshadow Palettes

Do you love eyeshadows from Dior?
Let me know which is your favourite one.

So if you are passionated about Dior, there are good news! New 5 colors versions are next to come, have a look at this post published by Chicprofile official account on Instagram.

Can you already spot the one you love the most? 🙂

After that, if you want to see my review about latest palette from Summer collection Color Games read my article.

Therefore I hope this video could be a nice journey thru my Dior collection.

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Chanel Fall 2020 makeup

Chanel Fall 2020 makeup

Chanel Fall 2020 makeup collection is all about red, pink and mauve shades. It’s a beautiful combination of contrasts between nude and deep red tones.

Chanel Fall 2020 makeup

I discovered recently some sneak peeks on Instagram, checking @chicprofileofficial account.

The new two palettes Candeur er Seduction and Candeur et Provocation are supposed to continue the story of Candeur et Experience, that will be repromote in this occasion. I would have loved to see a 9 shades palettes, it would be so beautiful.

Another Instagram account, @marytushik reposted swatches of the two new palettes.

They both look so amazing!
Also new waterproof liner seems to be a great red/brown shade that really completes the eyelook.

The waterline is left very clear, it made me think of something like kohl liner in Clair and Contour clair underneath.

A rose shade for new baume essentiel in 999, this luminous stick will be so flattering in my opinion!

Actually I don’t see any powder blush in this collection, I think the complexion is gently warmed and sculpted with a bronzer.

For nailpolishes and lipsticks I noticed two main shades, one neutral/nude and a very deep red one.
I think the beautiful Vittoria Cerretti is wearing the new ink fusion shade Idyllique on her lips. It is very hard to check the real lipstick shade, it seems to me a true red with cool undertones. Whatever it is, it matches eyeshadow shade beautifully

Chanel Fall 2020 makeup

So, waiting for this new release I decided to enjoy recreating this makeup look on my Youtube channel, sharing my opinions about this new collection.

If you like to see how, have a look at my video.

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Chanel Les Beiges 2020 makeup

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 makeup

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 makeup è la nuova collezione estiva che dona al viso delicati riflessi dorati e una diffusa luminosità. Tra i prodotti principali di questa collezione due nuovi illuminanti fluidi
Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid nelle tonalità Pearly Glow e Sunkissed.

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 makeup

Ho deciso di acquistare Pearly Glow poichè trovo che la sua colorazione beige perlata sia perfetta per gli incarnati chiari e per regalare punti luce su una futura abbronzatura.
La sua consistenza è veramente leggera e si fonde sulla pelle, regalando un effetto naturale; trovo sia l’ideale se avete un sottotono neutro o tendente al giallo e non amate gli illuminanti troppo evidenti.

In questo video vi mostro come ho applicato il prodotto e il suo risultato finale

Ho paragonato questo fluido illuminante a quello di Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector nella tonalità Pearl.

Come potrete vedere sono entrambi ottimi prodotti, ma l’effetto finale è leggermente diverso nei due casi.

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 makeup

Ho applicato l’illuminante dopo il fondotinta, utilizzando le dita e successivamente un pennello per ottenere un risultato più intenso. Essendo un prodotto decisamente liquido e sottile è molto facile modularne l’intensità.

Potete acquistare Pearly Glow direttamente qui

E voi cosa ne pensate di questa collezione Chanel Les Beiges?

Vi è qualche prodotto che ha particolarmente colpito la vostra attenzione?

In questo video ho provato a ricreare un soft look ispirato proprio a questa collezione estiva, utilizzando alcuni prodotti Chanel tra cui il fondotinta sublimatore effetto idratante Les Beiges.

Se volete scoprire la collezione estiva 2020 firmata Dior e i prodotti che ho provato trovate il mio articolo qui.

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Dior makeup estate 2020

Dior makeup estate 2020

Dior makeup estate 2020

Dior makeup estate 2020

E’ disponibile qui la nuova collezione COLOR GAMES un vero e proprio trionfo di colori accompagnato da prodotti che sublimano l’incarnato e l’abbronzatura.

In questo video trovate una breve introduzione alla summer collection, se invece desiderate avere maggiori dettagli sui prodotti che ho provato proseguite con la lettura … 😉

Ho acquistato in anteprima la nuovissima palette ombretti 5 colori Dive e la nuova terra Mineral Nude nella tonalità Light Flame (001).

Purtroppo al momento non mi è possibile testare direttamente i prodotti in profumeria, ma devo ammettere che le immagini pubblicate da Dior sono sempre molto realistiche e la resa dei colori è fedele. Dettaglio non trascurabile di questi tempi.

Vi lascio una foto della palette Dive scattata alla luce naturale.

Dior makeup estate 2020
Dior makeup estate 2020

Se volete vedere gli ombretti in azione, in questo video vi mostro tutte le cinque splendide tonalità… e qualche accorgimento per applicarle al meglio.

In particolare ho trovato la nuova terra Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze davvero meravigliosa. Essa dona un colorito naturale, uniforme e radioso. Inoltre il suo effetto è totalmente mat e le due tonalità sono facilissime da utilizzare insieme o separatamente.

Se questa terra ha catturato la vostra attenzione, su youtube trovate la mia recensione.

Concludendo, potete acquistare qui la nuova palette occhi Dive


trovate qui la nuova terra Mineral Nude Bronze

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Dior Color games Summer 2020 makeup

Dior Color games Summer 2020 makeup

Dior Color games Summer 2020 makeup is the new beautiful collection upcoming. I personally love the new 5 colors palettes, the shade combinations are so bright and intense!

I made this video to introduce you to the new collection let me know which are your fav items !

As you can see there are also new Lip maximizer shades, introducing a new brown and beige one.

Dior Color games Summer 2020 makeup

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If you are still interested in Dior Spring collection 2020 you can watch it here

Chanel Camelia Lip palette

Chanel Camelia Lip palette

Chanel Camelia Lip palette is a beautiful limited edition released during this spring 2020, Le Blanc collection.

Camelia d’eau is inspired to nature and flowers and you can achieve a very natural and layered colorful look onto your lips. I really love this palette, the color shades are extremely beautiful, as well as its precious design.

Chanel Camelia Lip palette
Chanel Camelia Lip palette

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Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

In this video I am going to show you a very quick and easy makeup using my Chanel products. I know it’s a very hard time , and we can meet people only through apps like Meet, Zoom, Skype…

There are few tips to get a beautiful look in a video call:

  • a little bit of concealer
  • focus on the eyes
  • a little touch of color on lips

These few steps allow you to get a fresh look also to wear for staying at home. I used very few products:

  • Scintillance cream eyeshadow
  • Quintessence eye palette
  • Noir intense eye pencil
  • Camelia d’Eau lip palette
  • Rose Petale blush
  • Le Volume mascara and eyelash curler
Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

Let me know your impression, leave me a comment on Youtube …and don’t forget to subscribe.

Watch my Dior Spring makeup 2020 review

Dior Spring makeup 2020

Dior Spring makeup 2020

Dior Spring makeup 2020

GLOW VIBES is finally here. The collection is a beautiful symphony of pastel and vibrant violet shades. There is new products such as Dior lip glow oil and new shades from rosy glow blush. There is also new Dior highlighters, available in two shades, one is very warm and coral, perfect for the next season.

Watch my video to see the collection..in action 😉

Dior Spring makeup 2020