In this video I have created a makeup look inspired to the one @NikkieTutorials did on Damiano from@Måneskin Official.

In this video I have created a makeup look inspired to the one Nikkie Tutorials did on Damiano from Maneskin. I know many people are getting crazy for this italian band and Damiano always wears beautiful makeup looks.

This makeup is basically based on a smokey eyes with purple/violet and grey tones, so I decide to put my new Chanel summer eyeshadow 2021 palette (Douceur et Sérénité) to the test.

I wanted to reproduce a more “wearable” version, still intense but less dramatic.

Let me know your impression and if you like to see products to achieve some particular looks.


I used also other products (mainly used):
@armanibeauty Luminous silk foundation n. 2 Camèlia d’eau lip palette
@diormakeup Forever bronze in Light Bronze
@lisaeldridgemakeup Elevated Glow Highlighter Blush in Quintessence


You can find another article about Chanel summer eyeshadow 2021 palette (Douceur et Sérénité) on my blog. Click here to read. If you want to see a review of this palette here is the video on my Youtube channel.

Here is more info about new Lisa Eldridge Summer 2021 launch.

I hope this makeup look recreation could be helpful, sometimes we are attracted by palettes and colors but we don’t have any idea about the look we could achieve. Makeup is mainly about fantasy so don’t put any limit to your beautiful products. You can create magic things even with a black pencil only!

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Lisa Eldridge Summer Makeup

Lisa Eldridge Summer Makeup

Lisa Eldridge Summer Makeup

Hi! I finally received my order from Lisa Eldridge and I am so excited to try her new beautiful products.

I purchased:

  • Elevated Glow Highlighter in crystal Nebula
  • Enlivening Blush in Pink Poetry
  • Luxuriously Lip Lucent in Rose Official

I dedicated a video about Lisa Eldridge new makeup collection on my Youtube Channel

You can also read my article here.

In this video I am going to try Highlighter, Blush and new lipstick shade.

I have been very impressed my the amazing texture of Crystal Nebula Highlighter.

The shade is describe like “ a light golden champagne and beautifully compliments light skin tones.” I noticed that it really adapts to my fair skintone, giving a beautiful flush of light. It’s like skin glowing from within.
This products is a skincare hybrid formula with lifting and moisturising actives. It really sets on the skin, giving a soft luminous effect and blurring imperfections.

Enlivening Blush in Pink Poetry is an absolute dream. The color is described “a warm toned, bright pink imparts skin with a refreshingly pretty, true pink blush” and in my opinion it’s like a strawberry pink so well balanced.

The creamy texture is so pigmented and it’s a hybrid formula with blurring and lifting skincare ingredients.

Luxuriously Lip Lucent in Rose Official was the second lipstick of the range I own. I bought Love of my life when it was released and i totally loved it. So I am very glad to have another shade since I love this formula.

Rose Official is described as a ” an alluringly classic blue based, light to medium rose pink” and honestly it is a shade you can’t go without!

So i was really happy with my purchase, it was very hard to choose few items from this Lisa Eldridge Summer Makeup launch!

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Lisa Eldridge makeup 2021 Seamless Skin

Lisa Eldridge makeup 2021 Seamless Skin

Lisa Eldridge makeup 2021 Seamless Skin is the new big surprise launching on May 15th. It will include Blushes & Highlighters in different shades.

Elevated Glow is the new highlighter available in 4 tones and it is something between make and skincare treatment. it is supposed to provide with blurring,lifting and moisturizing effect. Lisa discovered Filmexcel at Cosmoprof Asia and decided to include it into her highlighters formula, to achieve a smooth and tighten result.

Enlivening blushes are available in 6 tones and they are a light-serum formula easy to blend and apply just with your fingers. Also these blushes provides a skincare treatment since they are formulated with natural ingredients like raspberry and blueberry seed oils.

Lisa Eldridge makeup 2021 Seamless Skin

The intention to create a makeup line that works like a skincare treatment is very innovative and it is absolutely a great modern way to approach to beauty industry.

Lisa will restock also her Gloss Embrace glosses adding 4 new shades. This kind of product is also something between lip care treatment and makeup, a very nourishing lip product that restores your lips due to vitamin E presence.

Finally also Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour will be restocked, 10 shades will be soon available!

I personally own Love of my life lipstick and I love its beautiful texture and sheer effect.

I am so excited about this new release, you will find it only at her official website.

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DIOR FOREVER NATURAL BRONZE is available with new Dune Summer 2021 makeup Collection.

It has been released in 8 different shades and they all look so natural. Having fair skin I was in two minds about taking shade n.1 or n.2. Then I decided to get the darkest one, shade n.2 Light bronze ..and I think I was right.

This bronzer is supposed to be very natural, perfect to achieve a soft tan look. Due to its powder technology it is meant to be also long lasting and it keeps your skin hydrated.


In my video I tested this product for the very first time.

On first impression I personally enjoyed it so much. Texture is very subtile and color doesn’t seem too orange or warm. I could not call it a cool bronzer but it adds a very natural warmth to the skin.

I was used to purchase Nude bronzers by Dior, so I was quite afraid to move towards a unique bronzer shade.

If you would like to discover more about this new release check out my Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe Xo.


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DIOR SUMMER MAKEUP 2021 is called DUNE and it is already available in Italy. I think soon worldwide too.

Actually on Dior website you can purchase:





Dune is a quints with sophisticated golden and bronze tones. Perfect to enhance a natural look.
Mirage is a luminous combination of copper and golden shades. A little bit deeper and very suitable for those who tans a lot during summer.

Dune Palette

I decided to purchase Dune Palette because I am actually very fair and I think these tones could work with pale skin but they will be gorgeous with a summer tan.

With this palette you can easily switch from a more yellow golden look to a more warm bronze makeup. It is beautiful to pair with a luminous nude gloss or also with a bold lipstick.

The texture of these eyeshadows is very subtle, creamy and well blendable. You can layer every shade achieving very sophisticated tones.

They have microglitters so they are a little bit sparkling especially with artificial lights. That makes me think it would be amazing wearing this palette on a summer night during sea vacation 🙂 ! Actually it sounds like a true mirage! You know!


I dedicated an entire video about this collection, showing a close up of Dune palette and the makeup look I created. WATCH MY VIDEO Click here.

You can visit also Dior website to discover how Peter Philips magistrally used these products.

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CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring collection “Fleurs de printemps” is available on official website .

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring
CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring Summer

The exclusive collection is made by a super beautiful Duo Highlighter blush …

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring

…Two new quads in Amber Bouquet and Golden Meadow inspired to flowers and their unique shades.

I decided to purchase Golden Meadow so you can find a review of this product on my Youtube channel. I paired it with Lisa Eldridge Velvet Dragon (just blurred) and I really loved how these warm tones worked together.

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring
CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring Summer

As you can see this palette has two satin shades, rose gold and warm gold (such a red gold in my opinion).

Other two mat shades: a salmon orange pink very vibrant and a muted terracotta.

In conclusion, I would say this palette is very unique, high quality texture and so extremely easy to blend.

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring
CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring

In addition, New Rouge Allure laques have been launched in this collection, a new stunning formula ultra resistant and hydrating. I personally tried n.80 Timeless and I was really impressed by the quality of these pigments and how long lasting they are.

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring

Certainly Le Volume mascara in Metal Terracotta is really a plus to achieve a magnetic and sophisticated makeup look.

Pensée, Anthurium, Metallic Bloom are the new colors for Le Vernis. Delicate pink, a classic red and a metallic one are the shades for nails that really match the tones of this Spring symphony.

CHANEL makeup 2021 Spring

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Dior Spring makeup 2021

Dior Spring makeup 2021

Dior Spring makeup 2021 is now available on Dior official italian website. There are three different limited edition palettes:

▫️ Wild Brown
▫️ Sakura
▫️Blooming Bouquet

Dior Spring makeup 2021
Dior Spring makeup 2021

I decided to get both Pink Sakura and Wild Brown ( I am waiting for this one).

Dior Spring makeup 2021

Pink Sakura has two beautiful satin light pink and white lavander shades, a taupe dusty rose (satin), a mat deep burgundy and a glam cherry (satin) shade. It really reminds me of an old and beloved palette, Stylish Move. It was a very great match of pink, mauve, dusty rose tones.

I’ve always been in love with these hues, in makeup they restore everyone’s look, giving a fresh allure.
As for cherry blossoms, the perfect shades to go with is a touch of a deep berry red shade or a delicate white pink, to create a soft gradient. If you love these tones here is the latest Pink Sakura for a soft spring makeup look.

If you are interested to discover my makeup look please check my Youtube video.
You can find also swatches of this palette and a short makeup tutorial.

I used Lisa Eldridge Velvet Myth lipstick to complete the look, but I tried also Dior Lip glow in holo pink to get a more subtile spring look.

Check my Instagram page to keep updated on next spring collections.

Read more about latest Dior Holiday collection on my blog.

Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup

Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup

Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup GOLDEN NIGHTS collection is available now in stores.

I decided to create a first look using the gold palette and I combine it with Lisa Eldridge Velvet Carnival.

Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup
Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup

I personally bought the new two quints Golden Snow and Black Night, new Rose Frisson Blush and 24 hours stylo in Satiny Gold.

Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup
Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup
Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup
Dior Holiday 2020 Makeup

Watch my full video review of this collection on my Youtube channel to discover how I created this makeup look.

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If you want to have a look to Chanel Holiday 2020 collection, here is the review on my blog xo

CHANEL Holiday 2020 makeup

CHANEL Holiday 2020 makeup

CHANEL Holiday 2020 makeup
CHANEL Holiday 2020 makeup

CHANEL Holiday 2020 makeup LES CHAÎNES D’OR , created by Lucia Pica, is now available in stores. In this collection you could find 4 new beautiful mono eyeshadows ombre première infused with gold shades:

  • Or Blanc
  • Or Antique
  • Cuivre Rose
  • Cuir Brun

There are also a new creation, an illuminating blush ” Les chaînes de Chanel”, a luminous pink shade flattering every skintone.

Rouge allure are available in 4 news shades:

  • Or Beige
  • Or Cuivré
  • Rouge d’or
  • Pourpre d’or

Chaine d’Or is the new platinum gold shade for nails

Watch my video for discovering what I bought from this collection and the look I created.

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Lisa Eldridge new lipsticks

Lisa Eldridge new lipsticks

Lisa Eldridge new lipsticks have been launched in October 2020 and there are incredible four shades to add to the entire collection. There are also new items like Gloss Embrace and lip pencils(these are actually sold with Flower kit only).

Lisa Eldridge new lipsticks

In my video I show you the new shades of Velvet Lipsticks: Velvet Affair, Velvet Blush, Velvet Dragon and Velvet Carnival. I swatched and also tried them on my lips so you can see the real effect (in particular if you have similar features to mine, I mean fair skin, light hair and hazel eyes)

I also purchased Gloss embrace in Muse to discover this new formula and I absolutely love how it feels nourishing without being sticky. You can see also this one in my review.

Here is a pic taken wearing Velvet Blush, a beautiful muted and rose toned shade, very particular. I already owned shades like this, but they always had violet undertones.

In this case this lipstick has not violet hues but it is a really deep and muted pink, close to the shade ladies wore in Rococo paintings.

Lisa Eldridge new lipsticks

I have to say these lipsticks are also sooo beautiful to wear as a cream blush. They are so pigmented and you can really match the exact shade of lipstick/blush 😉 and that’s always a very effective makeup rule.

I love all the new shades, in particular Velvet Carnival impressed me so much because it is a very vibrant fuchsia/ ultra rose shade but also so wearable. I thought I could not wear a shade like this, instead…

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