Lisa Eldridge lipsticks 2021

Lisa Eldridge lipsticks 2021 I have purchased from her latest launch are Velvet Cinnabar and Velvet Blush Lightly.

I decided to film a video about these two new shades and compare them to the lipsticks I already have from Velvets.

In particular, I thought it could have been interesting to see Velvet Cinnabar near Velvet Dragon and Velvet Blush Lightly compared to the previous shade in Blush.

Velvet Cinnabar is such an elegant rich deep red, so gorgeous for Fall and also for the Holiday season. It has some ochre undertones that really make it look similar to the vermilion red used in ancient Roman houses. It is a total artistic shade.

Secondly, I have tried Blush Lightly that is a very good performing “my lips but better” shade. It is a cool muted pink not so deep as Velvet Blush and it is really outstanding on pale skin.

In conclusion I have to say that every tone that Lisa created are so spectacular. Every shade has its own peculiarity and they are always a real surprise once you try it.

Even the more unexpected tone looks great once worn.

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