Lisa Eldridge Foundation

Lisa Eldridge Foundation is the new makeup product of Seamless Skin and it is the big news of this 2021.

The foundation comes in an incredible variety of shades, 40!

On Lisa Eldridge website you can choose Foundation Sample Cards and and most importantly a card is free with a purchase of her products.
Each sample card comes with 4 different shades to try.

The shades are ranging from:






I have recently purchased two of her new Velvet lipsticks, Velvet Cinnabar and Blush Lightly, so I decided to include the card n.1 Light with shades from n.1 to n.4.

Here is the preview of my Yotube video where I try the light set and I swatch the shades.

You can watch my Video here.

However I asked also for the Set Light n.2 in order to test the other shades and find the right match with my skintone.

N.2 and n.3 are actually suitable but they look a little bit lighter than my skin.

In conclusion, due to the variety of shades, I thought light shades are really light and I may re-consider myself towards a light/ light medium range.

Read more about Lisa Eldridge makeup on my blog

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