Lisa Eldridge Holiday22 Lipsticks

Lisa Eldridge Holiday22 Lipsticks, here is the five Velvets shades for the new makeup collection.

Lisa Eldridge Holiday22 Lipsticks
Lisa Eldridge Holiday22 Lipsticks

💄Velvet Sorcery feels like a mix of Fawn, Muse and Affair together with Decade vibes

💄Velvet Rain is a kind of color very easy to wear and it suits warm eye looks and cool tones.. It is really something in the middle

💄Velvet Pompadour is one of my favorite! A beautiful pink fuchsia shades, cool tones are prevalent on me and I love to combine it with the Vega palette.

💄Velvet Enchantment, is a muted red lipstick and I think it will be loved by those ones who want to wear red but not too bright

💄Velvet Duchess feels like a piece of red velvet onto your lips. More intense and cool than Velvet Ribbon is SUCH A SHADE!

Lisa Eldridge Holiday22 Lipsticks

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Part of the collection was kindly gifted by Lisa Eldridge 

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