Dior Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Eyeshadow Palettes are must-haves for every makeup lover.

I started buying 5 colors palette since late 90s, Incognito, Beige Massai and so on… Do you remember these ones? They were so iconic! I was completely in love with Dior makeup campaigns on magazines, so glam and sofisticated.

Althought I was not a real collector, I bought many eyeshadow palettes but I threw away some very old pieces, unfortunately.

In this video I’m going to show you what I took and kept from recent collections. During last years Peter Philips introduced also new textures; I mean, for example, Moonlight palette released in 2018. It was very different from other creations since it was sparkling with a subtile metallic sheen. Easy to use, perfect blendable it allows you to create a new kind of smokey effect.

A special mention for “Happy 2020” palette, a true masterpiece of colors with holographic effects, inspired to fireworks. Even if 2020 was not so kind as it was supposed to me, these eyeshadows are so fun and pretty. You can really mix together and obtain new suggestive look.

Dior Eyeshadow Palettes

Do you love eyeshadows from Dior?
Let me know which is your favourite one.

So if you are passionated about Dior, there are good news! New 5 colors versions are next to come, have a look at this post published by Chicprofile official account on Instagram.

Can you already spot the one you love the most? πŸ™‚

After that, if you want to see my review about latest palette from Summer collection Color Games read my article.

Therefore I hope this video could be a nice journey thru my Dior collection.

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