Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

In this video I am going to show you a very quick and easy makeup using my Chanel products. I know it’s a very hard time , and we can meet people only through apps like Meet, Zoom, Skype…

There are few tips to get a beautiful look in a video call:

  • a little bit of concealer
  • focus on the eyes
  • a little touch of color on lips

These few steps allow you to get a fresh look also to wear for staying at home. I used very few products:

  • Scintillance cream eyeshadow
  • Quintessence eye palette
  • Noir intense eye pencil
  • Camelia d’Eau lip palette
  • Rose Petale blush
  • Le Volume mascara and eyelash curler
Chanel Makeup Videocall Zoom

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